The Circus

The Circus paintings are part of a commissioned series created with the assistance of over five hundred photographs taken by the artist. The subjects of these Watercolor paintings were found at the Bronx Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, and at other destinations in the United States and Asia.


The Mermaids of North America is a bestiary series depicting all major varieties of mermaids found on the North American continent. The artist has gone to great lengths to ensure that these depictions are scientifically accurate and unbiased. Previous “scientific” accounts of merfolk often involve depictions that show great sexual bias. This portrayal is completely unmisogynistic.

Brief Studies

Each painting represents 2-3 hours of painting with a live seated model. The medium is watercolor on paper, applied mostly with a 00 to 1 gauge round and 1/2″ flat brush.

I like these paintings, but they are unfinished and not show worthy other than to provide a glimpse into my process. It is so easy to ruin a watercolor painting, it only take a momentary break in concentration and your work is un-showable. At least I have some security in knowing that I can always just post a work here and then hide it when it gets ruined down the road.


Jurassic Brunch

The illustrations in Jurassic Brunch are archival ink and watercolor on paper. About 80 illustrations were created for this 32 page book. The format of the original artwork is very small. Each page is about eight by eleven inches. This is because the art was mostly completed in the last months of my career in the merchant marine. I needed to be able to transport my work on and off of the ship that I was working and living on at the time. Around the time that I transitioned to work on land, I completed the last page in this book.

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